SEI Studios Hits The iPhone

We think this is pretty nifty.

We’ve created a mobile version of our website that’s friendly to the iPhone and iPod Touch (and soon-to-be Android). This cool little web app is custom tailored for mobile devices, which helps visitors coming to our website for the first time get the information they’re looking for without those pesky load times when browsing over the 3G Network.

It’s pretty simple. Just visit our website ( on one of these devices and the you’ll automatically be re-directed to our mobile site.

Don’t forget to add us to your home screen. We made a sassy high-resolution icon that looks awesome. Oh, and did we mention this mobile site is fully optimized to support the iPhone 4′s new Retina Display?

-SEI Studios Team

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2 Responses to SEI Studios Hits The iPhone

  1. Traci Mullaney says:

    I like this site. Good job Alex

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