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If you’re a regular Vimeo user, you probably have become familiar with their ‘Weekend Projects’ that they put together every few weeks. For those not familiar with Vimeo, the Weekend Project is a small competition that opens up to all Vimeo members, sort of like a homework assignment. They will ask members to create some type of video with certain criteria and guidelines, then at the end of the weekend the Vimeo staff will review and choose which submission they think is the best.

Well, this past weekend their project was called ‘Remix’. The premise of the assignment was to take a 1944 government educational film about supervising women in the workplace and edit it down to a completely different video. Apparently as female workers entered factories and took over typical ‘manly’ jobs while WWII was going on, managers and bosses felt uneasy about the situation. The original video (can be watched here) is pretty sexist and ridiculous when watched today, but at the time men were actually scared and confused about women working these jobs.

Anyways, there were a lot of creative submissions for this project. It was very open ended, the only guidelines were that the subject and meaning of the remixed video had to be different from the original, and it had to be 1-3 minutes long.

I thought this was a cool project so I created my ‘remix’ and ended up with a fake movie trailer… And won! My video was chosen by the Vimeo staff as the contest winner. Which is pretty awesome considering I never win anything, haha. Enjoy the video below!


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  1. Alex says:

    That dude’s voice is so awesomely creepy.

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