Documentary – NOVEMBER

While I love Thanksgiving and the fall season is pretty cool, that isn’t what this is about…

You may have seen our previous work with hip-hop recording artist and producer The SEVENth. Well if you didn’t know, he recently moved from Grand Rapids to Orlando, FL to attend school. That doesn’t mean he has stopped making music. He came home for the month of November and hired us to document his time back here and make a video about it. What we ended up with was a 20 minute long feature documentary.

We followed The SEVENth from recording studios to live performances – and a few places in between. This is a project I’m super excited about as I directed, shot, and edited the entire film. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing “teasers” featuring exclusive bonus content from our production, all leading up to the final online release of “NOVEMBER” on 12/23.

Also, we will be having a private screening party at ACK (All City Kicks) here in Grand Rapids to celebrate the release of the documentary. This will be a great event and we are really excited about it here at SEI Studios! Keep an eye out for the teasers at The SEVENth’s YouTube page at: – And on 12/23 make sure you visit our Vimeo page for the complete documentary experience!


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  1. ThatBoiDenoGreen says:

    I can’t wait till this drops man its gonna be dope!

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